Friday, April 14, 2017

Mass of Last Supper

Parishioners having their feet washed by
Bishop Michael Campbell assisted by Deacon Jim
This evening parishioners gathered to celebrate the Mass of the Last Supper, where the Bishop washes the feet of parishioners, following Jesus' example of service.  This year there were several confirmandi, parents of children who are making their first Holy Communion, readers, children's liturgists, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion and members of our school community.  There are so many ways in which we serve one another ...
Washing the feet of those he'll confirm on Trinity
Bishop washing parishioners feet

Parishioners who watched the Bishop and Deacon Jim supported by our parish servers include those who serve as welcomers, members of the choir, St Thomas More's music group, parishioners who help with hospitality, house sit, work in the office, prepare the flowers, catechists of the Confirmation and Holy Communion sacramental preparation programmes, members of the St Vincent de Paul society and the Company of St Ursula. There were also parishioners whose daily lives provide a witness of service as married people, parents, grandparents, family members who care, and others whose paid and voluntary work are examples of service in health, education, caring services and voluntary sector. And watching from behind our priests who have responded to their vocational call to serve. 
Procession to place Blessed Sacrament in the Lady Chapel 
for a time of watching

Emptying holy water font
After Mass as parishioners spent time praying before the Blessed Sacrament which was placed in the Lady Chapel for a time of watching some parishioners emptied the holy water font, which was to remain empty until the new water was blessed at the Easter vigil.  Another hidden act of service.

How are you being called to serve during the coming year?