Saturday, April 15, 2017

Easter Vigil

Altar at Easter Vigil
The Easter vigil is a rich and full liturgy, where the Paschal Candle is lit outside and then carried into the darkened church where it is presented to the people three times to the words, Lumen Christi (Christ our light) to which we reply Deo Gratis (Thanks be to God).  Deacon Jim then sang the Exultet, the Easter proclamation and song of praise.  After this we listen in darkness to the story of God's people with readings from the Old Testament ... 
Bishop Michael Campbell blessing the water
An important part of the Easter vigil is when the water is blessed, we renew our Baptismal promises and the holy water fonts emptied on Thursday are refilled with water we can use to bless ourselves as we come in and out of church.

At the end of his Homily Bishop Michael shared the Easter greeting:
He is risen
To which we reply: He is risen indeed

At the end of the Easter vigil, we come to the end of the Triduum and Deacon Jim sings the Easter dismissal.
Go in the peace of Christ Alleluia