Sunday, January 29, 2017

Blessed are the peacemakers

Today we listened to Matthew's gospel and part of Jesus' sermon on the Mount where he explains who is Blessed ... we heard about the eight beatitudes but spent time talking about being a peacemaker.  The children popped a little sign of being a peacemaker into their pocket or shoe to remind them that they are are peacemakers. 
We shared ways we could be peacemakers and prayed for peace in our families, in our country and in our world.

Although we didn't sing the following song, families may wish to share this video with their children.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

End of Christian Unity Week

Today is the final day of the octave of prayer for Christian Unity. It is also the Feast of the conversion of St Paul, who after his experience on the road to Damascus became a follower of Jesus. 

Eternal Father,
we praise you for sending your Son
to be one of us and to save us.
Look upon your people with mercy,
for we are divided in so many ways,
and give us the Spirit of Jesus to make us one in love.

We ask this gift, loving Father,
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Lancaster Priory

This morning prayers for the octave of Christian Unity were said at Lancaster Priory, the historic church which has been a place of Christian worship since saxon times.

Did you know?
The priory has an artist in residence, Cathy Wilson, who spends a few hours each day using her creative gifts and talents. 
And for a more unusual set of views of the priory and Lancaster watch this video

Amongst the charitable activities the Priory community support the:
  • The Mustard Seed, a weekly meal for homeless people in our Church Hall.
  • Olive Branch, an ecumenical charity also working with homeless local people.
  • North-west Air Ambulance, St John’s Hospice, Christian Aid, and other organisations.
  • There is a monthly stall on Sunday’s before and after the 10 am service where a wide
    range of Fairtrade goods are available. 
We remember in prayer all those who use their gifts and talents to support these local and international charities.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Christ Church

Morning prayer was said this morning at Christ Church to mark the octave (eight days) of prayer for Christian Unity.

Did you know?
Each month parishioners at Christ Church have a theme to help them think about how to live their life.  This month they are thinking about how to be more environmentally friendly, a focus on recycling and not wasting things.  At the back of their church are 'Actions for the week' you might also find some recycle ideas on the recycle now website.
Christ Church, Lancaster
Christ Church Night Shelter has also been serving the city's homeless people since 1992. Last year we celebrated the Year of Mercy and were reminded of the corporal acts of mercy, to feed the hungry and give shelter to the homeless.  The Night Shelter is a real sign of witness. We give thanks and pray for all who support the Night Shelter.
Should anyone wish to donate time, money or food please contact the Night Shelter Coordinator on 07547 717060, or email Night Shelter Coordinator.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Lancaster Cathedral

Morning prayer was said at the Cathedral today to mark the week of prayer for Christian Unity.  This is the first of three days of prayers, tomorrow at Christ Church.  Each day we'll share some of the things happening in each of the parishes.

Did you know?
That the Cathedral has an St Vincent de Paul conference known as the SVP, who visit those unable to get out, provide transport for church, organise social events such as the recent Epiphany party. To learn more about the Cathedral SVP and watch a video of their work. Link to National SVP Society website

Many people come to visit the cathedral which is open during the day as a quiet place for prayer and reflection.  For those who have not had chance to visit the cathedral why not watch this video the peaceful beauty of Lancaster Cathedral and remember you will always be welcome to come and spend time with the Lord.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Christian Unity Week

Octave of Prayer for Christian Unity: 18th—25th January. 
Symbol for Christian Unity
Currently we have cooperation between Catholic and Anglican Christians, but we are hoping that our central fraternal (a monthly meeting of clergy from different denominations Fr. Steve Pearson from the Cathedral, Fr. Phil Hudd, Christ Church and Revd. Chris Newlands, Lancaster Priory) will grow in the coming year to include clergy from other denominations. At this point it might be worth emphasising what Ecumenism is. Ecumenism does not say we are all the same, because clearly that is not the case. But Ecumenism says that we are together (the terms ecumenism and ecumenical come from the Greek word “Oikoumene” which means “coming together” or indeed it can mean “the whole world...the whole enterprise!”). 
Ecumenism isn't a fad! The work and process of Ecumenism is of the mind of Christ 
“Father may they all be one as I am in you and you are in me” John 17.v11. 
It’s never going to be convenient to follow ecumenical Christian life but praying together and working together where we can seems the best we can do. We have three events to mark this octave of prayer. Please make every effort to attend these gatherings. 
All of them are at 9.30am and all of them are a celebration of morning prayer. They will happen at the respective churches of the clergy involved, and they are:

The Octave ends on January 25th the feast of the conversion of St Paul.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Epiphany Party

Parishioners attending Epiphany party
On Sunday afternoon members of the St Vincent de Paul Society hosted the annual Epiphany party for older members of the parish and those who find it difficult to get out of the house.  

An afternoon of party fun with a chance to meet and catch up on news, sing songs, listen to some seasonal stories, a few rounds of bingo, and even some dancing. More of the celebrations soon ...

Presents donated by parishioners
A big thank you to all who came, to all who helped and the many who gave gifts which were shared with those attending.

The Epiphany party is just one of the many ways the SVP support local people.  If you'd like to join them, or know more why not watch out for their next meeting advertised in the newsletter.