Sunday, September 25, 2016

CAFOD Cross of Lampedusa

Blessing of the Cross of Lampedusa
Display about Cross of Lampedusa
Today at the end of 10.30 mass, a cross of Lampedusa was blessed and placed next to the door for the Year of Mercy.  It is a reminder to us all as a reminder that we need to continue to pray and do what we can for the many refugees around the world - these simple crosses sent to Cathedrals thoughout the world, are a sign of hope.  

The cross is one of many created out of drift wood by a carpenter from the Italian island of Lampedusa.  Francesco Tuccio collected the driftwood from the wrecked boats of refugees escaping from Eritrea and Somalia who drowned off the coast of Lampedusa and made simple crosses which he offered as a symbol of hope. 
Parishioner signing card
sending prayers and
message of hope
Pope Francis carried a cross at a Mass to commemorate the people who have died and there is another in the British Museum, and this week one on display at Lancaster Cathedral. If you would like to go and leave a message on one of the cards which will be given to refugees to remind them they are not forgotten. 

For further resources for Cross of Lampedusa from CAFOD including prayer cards that can be sent with prayers and messages of hope to refugees. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Great joy when we found the Lost coin

Today children liturgy returned and the children were as helpful as usual - helping one of the catechists not only to find the lost coin but also their glasses.  As we shared the reading the children experienced the sadness and frustration of the lost coin and the joy at finding the coin.  

Searching for the lost coin - Luke 15
We then talked about how when we say sorry (during the penitential rite or in our daily prayers) God will have a big smile when we return to him ... we can get lost in so many ways. Like the lost sheep we can wanted away, for the children we talked about moving away from Jesus when we forget to say our prayers and moving away from God's family our friends and family when we forget to do what Jesus would do.  We used one of our new cards that help the children follow the different parts of the Liturgy of the Word - more of these in coming days.


Monday, September 5, 2016

Sacrament of the Sick

Anointing the sick
On Saturday 2nd September Bishop Michael Campbell came to celebrate Mass and with Fr Steve administer the sacrament of the sick to over 40 parishioners.  Despite the wind and rain parents brought children, adults brought their parents and friends to enable them to receive this healing sacrament which included calling down of the holy spirit and laying on of hands followed by anointing the forehead and hands.  

To learn more about this sacrament why not read an entry in our Year of Faith Blog - Oil of the sick used in this sacrament of the sick.

To read more about this healing Mass see Bishop's Blog

Feast of St Gregory
The 2nd September is the Feast of St Gregory the Great who sent Augustine as a missionary to convert England. To learn more about St Gregory you may want to watch this short video.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

What happened to August?

Jesus Christ the Redeemer, Brazil
A good question, a month where we celebrated the Feast of the Lancaster Martyrs and Feast of the Assumption (follow links to previous posts) and the Diocese gained a new Cathedral! Yes, the new Syro-Malabar Diocese, eparch and new Cathedral for Preston to read more about the new Cathedral see the Bishop's Blog.

Throughout the statue of Jesus Christ the Redeemer made a frequent appearance on our televisions as it looked out over the summer of the Olympics and the Paralympics.
The choir, children's liturgists and other groups have taken a break and many will have had a break away or holiday at home giving a chance to rest and recharge their batteries.  Now we return with news of parish life ... 

World Day of Prayer for Creation
And as we start the month we look around and give thanks for the wonder of creation and encouraged by Pope Francis think about how we might do what we can to take care of God's creation.  To learn more about this new day for prayer only established in 2015 watch this short video.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Best images of Pope Francis at World Youth Day

As Pope Francis comes to the end of a busy week in Poland where he joined young people from across the world for 'World Youth Day' we share a video with some of the images from this important trip.    

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Martha and Mary

Today in children's liturgy we listened to the Gospel story of Jesus' visit to Martha and Mary's house. Then to break open the Word and share the Good News the children served others like Martha served Jesus, but rather than make a meal they helped weed the cloister where the statue of St Therese of Lisieux stands.
Helping to pick up weeds -
service to others like Martha
Collecting weeds


They then followed Mary's example of listening to the Lord, sitting in small groups the children passed a shell and listened speaking to Jesus in their heart.  Through these actions the children experienced the activity of Martha and the silent attentive listening of Mary.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Celebration Mass

Last night children who received their first Holy Communion on 19th June gathered with their families at St Thomas More.  They were joined by our young people who were confirmed at Pentecost in May. Fr Steve celebrated Mass and thanked catechists who had worked with parents and families to help prepare our young people for these important milestones in their journey of faith.

Children after receiving their certificates with Fr Steve
Confirmation Group 2016 on steps of  St Peter's Cathedral, Lancaster