Monday, March 13, 2017

Lent 2A - Arts and Faith

This week we hear the story of the transfiguration, a reading we always hear on the second Sunday of Lent.  This year it is the version by Matthew 17, and in the art by Raphael there is both the story of the transfiguration and the story that comes straight afterwards, Jesus healing a boy.

For parents, you may want to turn off the audio or even free the image and talk to your child about the images you see.  The reading with its graphic descriptions is one that many listen to and imagine themselves going up the mountain with Jesus and the apostles, and reflect on how they must have felt.
  • The prophets of Moses and Elijah can be a useful starting point.  For children preparing for their first reconciliation, a chance to follow up on Moses and the 10 commandments.
  • For a selection of crafts about Moses and 10 comandments or for Elijah crafts to learn more about Elijah

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Lent 1A - Art and Faith

During Lent we will share videos from the Loyola Art and Faith series ... these provide an opportunity to reflect on the Gospel reading using the medium of art.

For parents, you may want to turn off the audio and talk to your child about the images you see.  Explain this is when Jesus went to prepare for what he had to do, his mission. Lent is a time we prepare, perhaps talk to them about what you are all doing as a family. 
  • How do you think Jesus feels?
  • Get them to describe what they see ... the sky, the rocks, Jesus' hands in prayer.
  • Why do we join our hands in prayer?

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Lent 1A - Children's Liturgy

At the recent parish council it was suggested we post more information about what happens at children's liturgy. During Lent we'll be sharing our journey. 

Part 1 of our Lent picture and Bread and stones
In Children's Liturgy during Lent we will be getting a card from one of the characters in the Gospel story, who has a special message for us.  
We will also be showing a different part of a picture which we will be able to see in full by Easter.  We'll show you our picture as it builds each week. 

To guide us through we will also share a Gospel story for use at home with children.

And for a video reflection from our Lancaster Cathedral Young People facebook page Jesus in the desert.

Later in the week 
Stations of the Cross on Sunday at 4.00pm
Lenten lunches after 12.15 Mass on Wednesday
Reflection based on the Gospel using Art on blog

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Annual Lenten Lunches

On Wednesdays throughout the weeks leading up to the week before Holy Week a group of women come together each year to prepare and serve a simple Lenten lunch.  The Lenten lunch is straight after 12. 15 mass on a Wednesday.  They prepare what used to be the Bishop's room, and is now used for parish activities. 

Tables are laid with cloths and flowers and soup, sandwiches and cake are sold to raise money for Cenacelo. There is a shared table so no one feels left out, even if someone comes on their own and a few other tables for any who wish to sit with friends. Although there is time to share news, there is also a scripture reading whilst people eat, making it an ideal way to fulfill the pillars of Lent - prayer, sacrifice and almsgiving. Everyone is welcome.
Marie explained: "Our customers are as much part of this event as the 'staff', they spend their money, make donations and so it is really a parish team effort". 
More about Cenaclo community and news from the Lenten lunches in a few weeks.  
Lenten Lunches 2015 when children from
Cathedral primary came to read the scripture passage.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Ash Wednesday

This week we begin Lent, with Ash Wednesday. 
Masses will be held at 12.15 on Wednesday when children from our Primary school attend Mass to receive their ashes, and 7.00pm at St Thomas More's.

This is a time of prayer, fasting and almsgiving.  During Lent there will be a series of talks on each of the three pillars, why not think about coming to these talks to learn more. (See poster to right)

Below two videos to give food for thought before we start the season of Lent.  

Some information about the history of Ash Wednesday - with further information about Lent from

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

SVP Epiphany Party

As we approach the season of Lent, we are reminded of the ongoing commitment by members of the St Vincent de Paul (SVP) society.  They regularly give pray and give alms and assistance to those in need in our parish and in the city of Lancaster.

What has become an annual tradition is the Epiphany party for older members of the parish and those who find it difficult to get out of the house.  In January they come together for food, fun and fellowship.  A chance to meet others, to sing some festive songs, this year to listen to the some traditional folk stories, play some bingo and a few even took to the floor for a dance.

The video shows some of the highlights and is a reminder of a great afternoon.  It will be shared with the SVP group who Lancaster are twinned with in India. 

Please remember members of the SVP in your prayers as well as those who help.  Maybe you would like to get involved, perhaps do something this Lent to help collect funds for the SVP society.  

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Columban Missionaries

In January, Fr Tom  came to speak at Mass at the Cathedral to tell us about the work of the Columban Missionaries who work in 15 countries around the world.  There was an opportunity to learn more about the varied work of the missionaries throughout the world in the Far East magazine, if you didn’t pick up a copy then you can find more information here Far East Magazine.  Articles include:
  • ‘Equality in God’s House’ where a lay missionary shares experiences of the Eucharist that takes place on All Souls at the high fence between the United States and Mexico;
  • ‘Migrant children in the desert crossing’ which tells of the human trafficking
  • ‘Making light and giving life’ an innovative candle making project in the Philippines which is changing the lives of the women involved
  • Martyr for our times – Kari Leisner, a prisoner in Dachau concentration camp (a timely reminder that Friday 27th January marked the Holocaust Memorial Day).
To learn more about their work visit the Columban Missionary Society website and watch the video below where they welcome Pope Frances’ environmental Encyclical that will support them as they work for the exploited earth and people of our world.