Thursday, February 22, 2018

Chair of St Peter the Apostle

Today we celebrate the authority given to St Peter to lead the Church symbolised by 'the Chair', which still represents the authority of the Pope. Ever wondered what this feast is all about and what it means to celebrate what the Chair symbolises see below.  For a video on the art history of the Chair of St Peter in Rome

As preparations are going on in readiness for the ordination of Bishop Elect 'Canon Paul Swarbrick' who will become the 7th Bishop of Lancaster to sit on our Cathedra (the chair in a Diocese), the Bishop's Chair which is where the Bishop teaches us ... a descendent of the apostles.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Children's Liturgy and Lent

This Lent we are using our senses to Follow Jesus.  Each week the children will look at on one of the senses to help them to think and pray about the Gospel reading and its message of Good News and help them as they journey through Lent.

Sorry - Please - Thank you 

Jesus I am sorry for the times I did not follow you Amen

Please help me Jesus as I try to follow you. Amen

Thank you Jesus for helping me to follow you. Amen 

This Lent we will:
PRAY - saying sorry, please and thank you

GIVE UP (Fasting) - what can we do with out 

(Almsgiving) - what can we do for others?

A short video for the children about today's reading of Jesus being tempted in the desert.  We talked about ways in which we can turn back to God.

Arts and Faith Lent 1 ... temptation of Christ

So we begin our Lenten journey ... reminded that we should use this time to turn back to God.  Like Jesus we should take time to think what that means. If you've not seen our Cathedral Young People's Facebook page (which is open and doesn't require you to have a facebook account), then why not have a look at the 3 minute video all about Lent.  

Friday, February 16, 2018

Habemus novum episcopum

Habemus novum episcopum “We have a new Bishop”. 

On Monday we learnt that our Holy Father Pope Francis has chosen a priest of the Diocese to become our new Bishop. Canon Paul Swarbrick, will be ordained Bishop here at St Peter’s shortly after Easter this year. Canon Paul will become the seventh Bishop of Lancaster. Canon Paul was born in Garstang in 1958 and attended Lancaster Royal Grammar School and received his seminary formation at Ushaw College Durham. 
Ordained priest in 1982 he has served throughout the geography of the Diocese, and for fifteen years he volunteered as a mission priest in the Diocese of Monze (Zambia). He is currently Parish Priest of The Good Shepherd parish in WorkingtonHarrington in Cumbria.

Upon the announcement of his being raised as Bishop Elect Canon Swarbrick said: 
“ I must confess to being in a state of surprise and shock at my appointment, and to a feeling of great inadequacy when faced with what lies ahead. Since my ordination to the Priesthood at Garstang in July 1982 this was never something I expected or feel prepared for. I have given my acceptance in a spirit of profound humility, deeply conscious of my unworthiness and sinfulness. It is a call to follow Jesus with greater trust and more generous love, ever mindful of what He has done for me and, ultimately, the fullness of Life He calls me to share. I beg your daily prayers, your patience and your collaboration". 

More news of preparation for the ordination which will take place on Monday 9th April.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Ash Wednesday

Today marks the start of our Lenten season, a time of prayer, fasting and almsgiving.  What will you do this Lent?  We'll be sharing reflections, prayer and activities for children and young people.  On our Lancaster Cathedral Young People's Facebook page we recently posted asking 'What is Lent all about?'  We'll also be sharing reflections based on sacred art which helps us to enter into the readings of the season.

Mass for Ash Wednesday 12.15 at the Lancaster Cathedral and 7.00pm at St Thomas More where ashes will be given.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Scripture Group

After a short break the Scripture Group will be meeting again at the new regular time of 2nd Thursday of the month starting at 7.30 and finishing by 9.00pm.

We meet at St Thomas More's Parish Hall, St Thomas More's walk, Off Willow Lane, Lancaster LA1 5PT. 
We are using readings and reflections from a guide for groups developed by the Westminster Diocese - Love Divine.  You can come and listen, or share your ideas.
Why not come and join us
- all are welcome.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Follow me ...

Jesus calls Peter
Jesus calls Peter:
"Come follow me".
Following Jesus' own baptism and time being tempted in the desert, in Mark's Gospel we have the story of Jesus calls the disciples, by inviting them to "Follow me". In the cathedral we have this important event shown in one of the windows of St Peter's life.
* What does it mean to you to follow Jesus?
* What are your called to do to show you are a follower of Jesus?

A children's Follow Me song and a song to remind them to follow Jesus from Mark 1: 17.